Children and Teen Program Information

The Arthritis Foundation’s National Juvenile Arthritis Conference is for the whole family. Infants, children and teens have their own track, or program, separate from the parent program.

Our goal is to ensure your kids have a rewarding and safe time. Read on to learn more.

Ages Accepted

The JA Conference Children and Teen Program accepts children from infants (6 months) up to 18 years old (or rising high school seniors).

Groups: Age/Grade Level

The program is organized by age (infants through toddlers) and by grade level (preschool thru high school).

Children and Teen Program Content

All activities are designed to help children and teens overcome obstacles, recognize and accept differences in themselves and others, and to build and maintain rewarding friendships that can last a lifetime. This program, along with recreational activities, will make this conference both a fun-filled and educational experience for all participants.

The Caretakers and Activity Leaders

The Arthritis Foundation has been working with Corporate Kids Events (CKE) for several years. CKE is a team of highly experienced program activity managers. This organization is a valued part of the Juvenile Arthritis Conference, and has always ensured a quality, safe and secure program, or “kids and teen camp,” as they like to call it.

CKE has organized and managed programs for kids for over 20 years, and parents have trusted and appreciated the professional, high-quality care the CKE counselors consistently give to children. All CKE counselors are background-checked, reference-checked and attend CKE and Arthritis Foundation training. Arthritis Foundation volunteers will be on hand, interacting with the children, and JA-related experts will lead educational activities to enrich their conference experience. 

Children and Teen Program Scheduling

Sessions for infants, children/teens are broken into morning and afternoon sessions, scheduled to complement the timing of parent programs. This allows parents to concentrate on workshops and networking with other parents, while their children are participating in a variety of age-appropriate activities. Parents MUST pick children up within 15 minutes of the end of each morning and afternoon sessions. Please be courteous and prompt.

Infants and Toddlers: Special Information

  • Age. 6 months through age 3.
  • Ratio. Corporate Kids Events staffs the infant and toddler care rooms with an above-standard staff-to-child child ratio – one highly trained staff for every two children (1:2), so your little ones are sure to get the special attention they need.
  • Activities. The time-tested, age-appropriate activities are always fun and enriching. At the end of each session, parents will be given a log of all that occurred with their infant or toddler while they were away. From meals to diaper changes to naps, each parent will have a detailed, full-day description of their child's activities.
  • Safety. The security and safety of your children is the highest priority. Parents can enjoy their days knowing their little ones are safe and under the care of experienced, nurturing childcare professionals. (See safety and security procedures below.)
  • Supplies. Please bring an adequate supply of diapers, a juice cup and/or bottles, a change of clothing and any other supplies your child may need. Please bring any comfort item, such as a stuffed animal or blanket that might help ease any anxiety. Consider bringing a backpack or other bag to keep your child’s supplies together. Be sure to label the bag and all items with your child’s full name.
  • Dress. Please dress children in comfortable play clothes, as they will be involved in a variety of fun activities.


  • Child registration. All infants, children and teens participating in the program must be registered for the conference, and completed corresponding paperwork before they can participate.
  • Forms. Parents are required to complete and return permission and emergency consent forms for each child participating in the Children and Teen program at sign-in location before the first program begins.
  • Medication. No medication can be given to children by our activity leaders. If your child needs medication while she is participating in the children’s program, you will need to administer it yourself. Do not allow children or teens to bring medication to the activities to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.
  • Sick child. If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to the children’s activities. If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified to come and pick him up.
  • Allergies, etc. Please note any allergies or other critical issues on the appropriate form, but also discuss essential info with your child’s activity leader.
  • Belongings. A small bag or backpack will be useful to hold the things your child may need during the day. Please put your child’s full name on the bag as well as on any clothing or other belongings they will be bringing to the activities.

Security Procedures

  • Sign in/Sign out. Parents are required to sign in and sign out their children and teens from their activity rooms each time they enter or leave the room following the two-step security procedure.
  • Photo ID. To ensure their safety, infants, children and teens participating in the program will be photographed initially with at least one parent or guardian. Only those adults who appear in the photo with the child will be able to sign out the child from the program.
  • ID Wristbands. At the start of the morning and afternoon sessions, infants, children and teens will be given identification wristbands and parents will be given a corresponding ticket that matches wristband.
  • Sign in/Sign out Exception: Teens. Those in the11th-12th grade group can sign themselves out, with written permission from their parents. The teen exception is limited to sign out, and is only allowed at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions.

A special note from the Arthritis Foundation: We are only responsible for children and teens signed in to the children’s activities. We cannot be responsible for children or teens if they do not participate in the designate program.

*Those 18 and over or graduated high school seniors can join the Young Adult Track.