About Me: Stories by Kids With JA

Beth B.

Beth B., Age 10

Hi my name is Beth. I am 10 years old and live in Big Rapids, Michigan.

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Bevin T.

Bevin T., Age 2

In November of 2010, a teacher at our son’s preschool brought to our attention that Bevin was limping.

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Caitlin R.

Caitlin R., Age 11

Ask Caitlin to name her favorite subject in school and she doesn’t hesitate – it’s dance.

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Caitlyn C.

Caitlyn C., Age 10

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!!

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Carson, Age 4

My son, Carson, started complaining his hands were hurting.

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Cate M.

Cate M., Age 10

A lot of the time you can feel like you’re the only kid with JA.

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Charlotte C.

Charlotte C., Age 5

At the age of two, our youngest and 3rd daughter, Charlotte, started limping inconsistently

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Claire B.

Claire B., Age 9

Having arthritis has its ups and downs. One thing that I like about it is I get shots every week.

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Dalston B.

Dalston B., Age 6

Dalston is now 6 years old, but it was at 19 months old that he began to walk with a limp.

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