About Me: Stories by Kids With JA


Emma, Age 9

After I broke my arm, I started walking funny. So I went to the doctor and he had no idea what I had. 

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Emma C.

Emma C., Age 10

Hi my name is Emma Coe. I was diagnosed with (JIA) when I was five.

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Emma S.

Emma S., Age 11

My name is Emma. I was diagnosed when I was 11 months old with (JRA), now I'm 11 years old.

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Evan P.

Evan P., Age 6

I liked to play sports and be silly with my friends.

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Grant A.

Grant A., Age 4

The day my son was diagnosed, I called the local Arthritis chapter, and they have been such a great support to me

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Hadley C.

Hadley C., Age 11

When I started 5th grade, kids made fun of me because I didn't do well in gym.

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Jordan D.

Jordan D., Age 9

My name is Jordan. I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old. I have polyarticular arthritis.

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Jordan H.

Jordan H., Age 7

One of the last things any parent wants to hear is that there is something wrong with their child.

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Julia U.

Julia U., Age 12

Hi! I'm Julia! When I was 2, my right knee swelled up, and I was in a lot of pain.

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