About Me: Stories by Teens with JA


Abby, Age 13

Know that you can do it and never give up!

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Arianna N.

Arianna N., Age 14

Sometime in 2006 I started to have trouble with my right wrist, lots of pain and swelling.

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Brianna, Age 17

I'm a seventeen year old, who at the age of five years old was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Claire S.

Claire S., Age 13

I go to summer camp center for courageous kids. It helps remind kids with illnesses like me.

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Crystal, Age 13

Hi, I'm Crystal. I was diagnosed with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) almost 2 years ago.

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Drake M.

Drake M., Age 14

I am a wrestler, football player and I do everything else any other 14 year old boy does.

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Elly, Age 13

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Polyarticular Arthritis when I was 8 and a half.

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Erin M.

Erin M., Age 20

I have always been an active person; I played every sport under the sun since I was 4 years old.

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Gabrielle B.

Gabrielle B., Age 15

When I was 2, I was diagnosed with systemic JRA.

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