Your JA Action Plan

Learn how your doctor will treat your JA.

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Acing the Doctor Visit

Here's what to expect at your next doctor's appointment.

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Know Your Medications

Get details on the drugs you take to control JA and its symptoms.

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Your School Action Plan

Getting through the day at school doesn't have to be a hassle. Here are tips to make it easier.

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Become Your Own JA Advocate

Learn how to speak up to help yourself – and others with JA.

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Take Charge of Your Own Health

Follow these steps to get control of JA and how it affects your life.

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Your Growing JA Team

Get to know the people who are working to help you fight JA.

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Get Moving: Staying Fit with Juvenile Arthritis

Manage your arthritis symptoms with these simple exercise tips.

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Meditation Tips for Managing Arthritis Symptoms

Learn how this mind-body practice can help ease pain and stress.

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About Me: Stories by Teens With JA

Drake M.

Drake M., Age 14

I am a wrestler, football player and I do everything else any other 14 year old boy does.

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Crystal, Age 13

Hi, I'm Crystal. I was diagnosed with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) almost 2 years ago.

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