Managing Meds

Managing Juvenile Arthritis Medications

Get tips on medication adherence, how to cope with injections and more.

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Staying Active

Staying Active With JA

Exercise is a vital part of your child's treatment plan. Get insights on how to help them find the activity that suits them best.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating for JA

Learn the nutritional needs of your child with JA.

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School Success

School Success with Arthritis

Get insights on how to help your child with JA be the best student he can be.

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Family Life

Family Life With JA

Parents: Get tips for raising your children with – and without – arthritis.

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Atendiendo la salud de sus hijos

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Growing Up With JA

Help your child navigate their life with arthritis as they transition from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

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Meet Other Families

Meet Other Families




What's Happening Near You?

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