School Success

How to Be an Effective School Advocate for a Child with Juvenile Arthritis

Doctors, educators and parents offer tips for working with schools and understanding a child's educational rights.

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Help Your Child Cope With the Ups and Downs of School

Here’s how to find the tips and resources you need to help your child cope with juvenile arthritis in the classroom and beyond.

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When Kids With Arthritis Get Bullied

Recognize the signs and learn how to help your child.

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Parent-Educator Communication Key to 504 Accomodations

One family shares the importance of quality parent-teacher communication when establishing a 504 plan for your child.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences: Six Ways to Ensure Success

When meeting with your child’s teacher, try these six tips.

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How to Handle a 504 or IEP Dispute

Find out your ‘next steps’ when you can’t reach an agreement with your child’s school.

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Moving Up to Middle School and Beyond

Help your child with juvenile arthritis make the change to a new school.

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Help Your Child With JA Get the Most Out of College

Get tips on choosing the right school for your teenager with arthritis. 

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