Interactive Webinar

Get answers and learn how to be the best advocate for your child at elementary, middle or high school at our interactive webinar on Thursday, September 10. Registration is limited.

Getting Started

Learn about the federal laws that protect your child’s educational rights, understand how JA may affect your child at school, and review the glossary of terms and acronyms. Plus, watch videos about self-advocacy and getting support from professionals.

Developing an Effective Plan

Understand your options and how the IEP and 504 processes work, as well as how to build collaboration. Plus, watch expert videos for advice on accommodations, standardized tests and more.

Managing School Transitions

Get essential information on at-home or in-hospital instruction and advice for moving to a new class or school or returning from a school absence, as well as dealing with college access issues. Plus, watch videos of parents discussing how to help children and teens become self-advocates.

Sample Forms

Find a range of templates, checklists and sample documents you can use to ensure good communication with school staff, including teachers, nurses, P.E. coaches and others. Topics include medication, gym activities and more.

Sample Letters

Letters are an important tool for establishing the need for special education and accommodations and requesting specific actions. Use these letters as models for statements from students, parents and health-care providers to school staff.

Educating Others About JA

Get materials for educating staff about juvenile arthritis and how it impacts children and school life. See videos of parents and students talking about educating others. Plus, a special feature: a free, customizable presentation for children to use to educate classmates and teachers about life with JA.