Sample Letters

Communicating With Your Child’s School by Letter

Here are valuable tips and advice on formal school correspondence.

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Guidance and Templates for IEP and 504 Written Communications

These letter templates cover 10 situations and stages related to formal education plans.

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Sample Parent Letters to Address 504 Plan Concerns and Changes

Use these templates to request updates and address non-compliance regarding your child’s 504 plan.

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Sample Student Letter to Teacher and School Nurse

Let your child describe his disease and school needs in his own words.

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Sample Parent Letter to School Administrators

Your first step in the 504 process is to request a planning meeting with school administrators.

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Sample Doctor Letter to School Administrators

Your child’s physician likely will need to provide an expert statement during the evaluation process.

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Sample Nurse Letter to School Administrators

Your child's health-care professionals can make requests for accommodations. Use this sample letter.

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