School Solutions Q&A Webinar

Listen to unique perspectives on common questions about educational rights dilemmas.

School Solutions Webinar with 504 Coordinator

Learn how to solve common 504 plan challenges so your child gets the accommodations he or she needs to succeed.

Family Dynamics Webinar

Learn about common caregiver mistakes and how to solve them so you can better manage the health and wellbeing of your child, your family and yourself.

Staying Active with JA Webinar

Learn about the benefits of physical activity for JIA management, as well as tips on how to prevent injuries.

Complementary Therapies for Arthritis Webinar

Learn about common natural therapies that could lead to reduced needs for over-the-counter pain medications.

Educational Rights & School Solutions Webinar

The Arthritis Foundation has put together a set of resources parents can use to help ensure success at school.

Juvenile Arthritis & Nutrition Webinar

Get answers to your questions about healthy food choices, arthritis-food myths, supplements and much more.

Transitioning Webinar

Making the move to adult medical care can be challenging for both parent and child. Get the tools to help make the transition easier.

School Rights Advocate Webinar

Understanding your child's rights and the school's responsibilities will help you be a powerful advocate for your child. Get the facts and advocacy tips!

Emotional Challenges Webinar

Kids with JA cope with the daily challenges of accepting and adapting to their "new normal." Learn how to help your child manage changing emotions, avoid negative coping mechanisms and more.